This weeks Match of the week for the Crossbar Challenge is Saturday April 20th at 7.30am for the Manchester City vs Tottenham match. If either team hits the crossbar (without it being a goal), everyone wins a free drink. #crossbarchallenge

Matchweek 35
Saturday April 20th

7.30am - Manchester City vs Tottenham***MOTW for the Crossbar Challenge

Huddersfield vs Watford
West Ham vs Leicester
Bournemouth vs Fulham
Wolves vs Brighton

12.30pm - Newcastle vs Southampton

Sunday April 21st
8.30am - Everton vs Manchester United

Cardiff vs Liverpool
Arsenal vs Crystal Palace

Monday April 22nd
3pm - Chelsea vs Burnley

Tuesday April 23rd
Watford vs Southampton
Tottenham vs Brighton

Wednesday April 24th
Wolves vs Arsenal
Manchester United vs Manchester City***MOTW for the Crossbar Challenge

Matchday 36
Friday April 26th
3pm - Liverpool vs Huddersfield

Saturday April 27th
7.30am - Tottenham vs West Ham

Southampton vs Bournemouth
Fulham vs Cardiff City
Watford vs Wolves
Crystal Palace vs Everton

12.30pm - Brighton vs Newcastle

Sunday April 28th
9.05am - Burnley vs Manchester City

11.30am - Manchester City vs Chelsea***MOTW for the Crossbar Challenge

Monday April 29th
Leicester City vs Arsenal

Matchweek 37
Saturday May 4th

Manchester City vs Leicester City
West Ham vs Southampton
Cardiff City vs Crystal Palace
Liverpool vs Newcastle
Wolves vs Fulham
Everton vs Burnley
Chelsea vs Watford
Arsenal vs Brighton
Bournemouth vs Tottenham
Huddersfield vs Manchester United

Matchweek 38
Tottenham vs Everton
Manchester United vs Cardiff
Watford vs West Ham
Southampton vs Huddersfield
Leicester City vs Chelsea
Fulham vs Newcastle
Liverpool vs Wolves
Crystal Palace vs Bournemouth
Brighton vs Manchester City
Burnley vs Arsenal

Champions League.jpg


Semi Finals

Tuesday April 30th - 3pm
Ajax vs Tottenham
Liverpool vs Barcelona

Tuesday May 7th - 3pm
Tottenham vs Ajax
Barcelona vs Liverpool