Join us as we come together to rehash last years MGA golfing shenanigans as well sign up new members for the 2019 season, and honestly, drink some beers and discuss just how mediocre we really are at golf.

I will get the first answer out of the way, Yes, you are good enough to play with us.

Sign up and have a blast. If you are like me, I love golf but I have resigned to the fact that I will always be shit at it. It is like the Mediocre Golf Association was designed with me in mind.

For all inquiries for the West Chester Chapter of the MGA, please contact Chapter Leader Jeremy Pilkerton HERE.

WTF is the Mediocre Golf Association you ask?

We all love golf and most of us have played for years, yet somehow we still suck at it. Since the PGA Tour stopped returning our calls a long time ago, we created our own league in 2006. Since then, the MGA has gone global with chapters golfing, enjoying beer and meeting cool (no douche bags allowed) new people worldwide!

Any non-douche who "gets it" is welcome to join their local chapter

All MGA chapters run the same eight stroke play tournaments each year, where bogey golf has a good shot to win. Every tournament features trophies, awards and kinda big checks for over 1.12 dollars! Money lists and stats are kept for all players. Just like those rich, gifted people on that other tour.

The MGA World Championship is held at the end of each season in Vegas. To add to the fun, the MGA fantasy league lets you put your crappy friends on your fantasy team!

2019 Tournament Schedule

March 31st (Sunday) - Rebel Beach AM - AM
Pickering Valley Golf Club

April 20th - The Bastards
Broad Run Golf Club

May 18th - MGA Championship
Spring Hollow Golf Club

June 22nd - The F.U. Open
Kimberton Golf Club

July 13th - The Bratish Open
Loch Nairn Gold Club

August 10th - The FORE Championship
Downingtown Country Club

September 14th - The Douche Bag Invitational
Inniscronne Golf Club

October 5th - The Last Gasp
Pickering Valley

Are you with us!!!