Welcome to the Official Liverpool Supporters Club of Philadelphia: The Spiritual Home of the Reds in the City of Brotherly Love

While we here at Kildare’s love all things soccer and are definitely a place where fans of all clubs and competitions and congregate to watch the beautiful game, over the past few years, we have definitely attracted far and away the most Liverpool fans out of any club. So much so, we asked, and have been accepted as part of the Official Liverpool Supporters Club of Philadelphia. We have joined forces with these other establishments in the Philadelphia area to spread the love of this amazing club of endless passion and tradition throughout the area.

We are open for ALL EPL matches (even 7am Sunday) and we provide a brunch menu (until noon as well as our regular menu at all times. For the 10am time slot, we show as many as 6 games simultaneously (based on TV coverage) so if you have any misguided friend that watch other teams, we will have the ALL on every week. Liverpool matches will be prioritized for sound except in the possibility that there is a clash with our Rugby Six Nations coverage in February and March. This will be known as soon as dates and times are confirmed for Liverpool’s schedule.

Here are all the link you need to stay up to date with all things Liverpool via the Official Liverpool Supporters Club of Philadelphia.

Official Website; Official Store; Facebook; Twitter; Instagram; Spotify Playlist (for practicing).

2019/2020 Schedule


Friday 9 – Norwich City (H)
Saturday 17 – Southampton (A)
Saturday 24 – Arsenal (H)
Saturday 31 – Burnley (A)


Saturday 14 – Newcastle United (H)
Saturday 21 – Chelsea (A)
Saturday 28 – Sheffield United (A)


Saturday 5 – Leicester City (H)
Saturday 19 – Manchester United (A)
Saturday 26 –Tottenham Hotspur (H)


Saturday 2 – Aston Villa (A)
Saturday 9 – Manchester City (H)
Saturday 23 – Crystal Palace (A)
Saturday 30 – Brighton and Hove Albion (H)


Wednesday 4 – Everton (H)
Saturday 7 – Bournemouth (A)
Saturday 14 – Watford (H)
Saturday 21 – West Ham United (A)
Thursday 26 – Leicester City (A)
Saturday 28 – Wolverhampton Wanderers (H)


Wednesday 1 – Sheffield United (H)
Saturday 11 – Tottenham Hotspur (A)
Saturday 18 – Manchester United (H)
Tuesday 21 – Wolverhampton Wanderers (A)


Saturday 1 – Southampton (H)
Saturday 8 – Norwich City (A)
Saturday 22 – West Ham United (H)
Saturday 29 – Watford (A)


Saturday 7 – Bournemouth (H)
Saturday 14 – Everton (A)
Saturday 21 – Crystal Palace (H)


Saturday 4 – Manchester City (A)
Saturday 11 – Aston Villa (H)
Saturday 18 – Brighton and Hove Albion (A)
Saturday 25 – Burnley (H)


Saturday 2 – Arsenal (A)
Saturday 9 – Chelsea (H)
Sunday 17 – Newcastle United (A)