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Join us as we meet to sample, discuss and learn about the classic and timeless elixir that is Whisk(e)y.

For this installment, we are discussing Women and Whiskey and we are extremely fortunate to be hosted by Lisa McGrath - The current National Jameson Ambassador.

Both for amateurs and connoisseurs, Women Who Whiskey gives  the opportunity to learn about varieties of whiskeys regardless of your experience level and enjoy the company of other whiskey-loving ladies. 

Join us for some whiskey, dinner and some great conversation. The ticket price include a whiskey flight and conversation only.

From Waterford, Ireland. Lisa first joined the Jameson Graduate Programme in 2016 after successfully graduating with an honours degree in Economics and Finance with French from her home town in Waterford City. Lisa’s background is working in events, marketing & the food and beverage industry - this is where she found a passion for whiskey and spirits. Since joining the programme, Lisa has completed training at the Irish Distillers’ Headquarters located in Dublin City and graduated from the Irish Whiskey Academy in Midleton, County Cork. She has mastered her knowledge of whiskey production and has infiltrated the hearts of many with her passionate recount of the history and heritage behind Jameson Irish Whiskey. Lisa worked alongside Jameson’s Master Cooper, Master Distiller and Master Blender and became certified as a whiskey apprentice at Jameson’s Irish Whiskey Academy in Midleton, Cork, where all of Jameson whiskey is produced from grain to glass.


•2018 – 2019 – Jameson Brand Ambassador for Columbus, Ohio, Michigan and North Carolina

•2017 – 2018 – Jameson Brand Ambassador for Columbus, Ohio covering win markets for Jameson across the Control States (Ohio, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, New Hampshire, Oregon, Michigan, Virginia)

•2016 – 2017 – Jameson Brand Ambassador in Nantes, France covering the North West of France

•Lisa has participated in a variety of trade shows across France & the United States over the past number of years. Attendance at fairs like this ranged from 100’s to 1000’s in cities such as Columbus, Philadelphia, Kansas City, Paris, Nantes, Lorient, Charlotte NC, Manchester NH & many more.

•Lisa has educated over 5,000 consumers and whiskey connoisseurs since starting in 2016 on the Jameson family portfolio including the Super Premium range such as Redbreast and Midleton

Certificates & Training
•Whiskey Apprentice – The Irish Whiskey Academy, Midleton Ireland
•Bar Smarts
•3 years experience working with the #1 Irish whiskey in the United States & Europe