Steven Spielberg has redefined the profession of filmmaking. Right back from ‘Jaws’, Spielberg has been giving movies to the world which have become benchmarks on filmmaking. His unique vision and creativity separate him from others and make him one of the best directors in the history. 

Film franchises like ‘Indiana Jones’ and ‘Jurassic Park’ clearly show how he has revolutionized the process of filmmaking. For the teens of our generations, he acts as a Godsend for the wonderful entertainment he provided to us when we were kids.

Prizes are as follows:

1st Prize: $100 cash

2nd Prize - $50 Gift Card

3rd Prize - $25 Gift Card

1) All participating teams must be pre registered through eventbrite. The cost of pre-registration will be $15 per team. On the night, each team will be given a $15 gift card to use that night when they collect their answer sheets.

2) There will be registration for only 40 teams. Those who are unable to register can still participate, but will not be eligible for prizes. Unregistered participants can collect an answer key at the end of the quiz, but their answer sheets will not be collected and marked by the staff if the maximum number of teams has been met.