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We have a great line up for you for this evening. 

Tap Takeover Lineup:
Firstly, a very special collaboration between Kildare's and Levante. We have a barrel aged Bake Shop Terminology that was aged in a hand selected Kildare's Exclusive Whiskey just for Kildare's. After bottling, the barrel was then given to our friends at Levante to age the Bake Shop Terminology Milk Stout for over 9 months. Finally the day has arrived to tap this bad boy!!

Other beers that may be on tap (Probably all, but we won't know until the day.

"Color Me Confused" - 6.2% - This bewildering bi-coastal IPA combines our favorite aspects of West & East coast ales. It’s crafted in a clouded realm, somewhere between Santa Monica Boulevard and The Long Trail. Curated with nuance in mind, smooth brewer’s malt and wheat meld with a touch of toastiness, altogether painting a copper/goldenrod pint. The hop profile is what truly has you seeing colors: a rainbow of bubblegum flavors and candied orange wedges, speckled with cane sugar. This paint wheel of hoppiness is courtesy of Azacca, Cascade, Centennial, and Citra hops.

"Vulcanite" - Nordic Style IPA - 7.2% - This beer ventures beyond our wildest dreams of fermentation. We cast off into a bone-chilling night when a curtain of fire appeared in the horizon. Vulcan, God of Fire, appeared and steered the course of fermentation to a radical degree of heat. Typically, yeast and heat produce unpleasant off-flavors, but this new Nordic yeast strain oozed with fruitiness, as if a tropical storm doused Vulcan’s molten flame. Golden Promise, oats, spelt, and honey malt leave this malt base shrouded in sweetness, before a bouquet of hops erupts into fruitiness, courtesy of Citra, Simcoe, and Lemondrop hops.

Cloudy And Cumbersome IPA - New England IPA - 5.9% 
The hazy appearance, soft body and notes of passion fruit and citrus that you get from this New England style IPA will have you refreshed and looking around for another pint. This recipe includes a hefty amount of flaked oats and wheat malt that gives this brew a silky smooth mouth-feel. Paired up with the citrusy pith flavors and tropical aromas of Mosaic and Idaho 7 hops, Cloudy and Cumbersome is amazingly delicious.

Tickle Parts IPA - New England- 7% 
Tickle Parts is an exceptionally dry-hopped New England IPA, with low bitterness, rising hop aroma and a feathery-soft mouthfeel. Anticipate chunks of pineapple and tender clementine juices on the palette, while your nostrils are gently tickled with the aroma of thawing sorbet and other fruit juices.

Birra De Levante - Pilsner - 5.2%
This refreshing Bohemian-style Pilsner exhibits a classic golden-straw hue, lagered and further clarified through filtration. True to the classic style, Tettnang hops brighten this crisp Pilsner with earthy aromatics of noble spice. Don’t expect to have just one.

If you really want to gain the exclusive first access to the barrel aged beer, at 7pm we have a beer/whiskey pairing dinner featuring the exclusive whiskey as well as the exclusive barrel aged beer. Full details available by following the link:


We will see what else they have up their sleeve around the tapping date. Stay tuned.