Starting on January 16th, we will be holding our first ever multi week tournament in conjunction with our regular Tuesday night poker tournaments.

Here is how it will work:

The tournament will run every Tuesday night with the Championship table being held on March 6th.

Registration starts at 7pm. Game starts at 8.

Rules are Standard Texas Hold 'em Poker.

Extra chips are awarded that purchase food and drinks. 100 chip per drink and 500 for food.

Weekly Prizes are as follows:

1st-$75 Gift Card

($100 if over 30 players)

2nd-$50 Gift Card

3rd-$25 Gift Card

For the tournament standings, the following points will be awarded each week. Every player gets 1 point for playing. Players at the final table will win the following additional points.

1st Place - 10 points
2nd Place - 9 points
3rd place - 8 points
4th Place - 7 points
5th Place - 6 points
6th Place - 5 points
7th Place - 4 points
8th Place - 3 points
9th Place - 2 points
10th Place - 1 point

The top eight players over the course of the tournament going through to the final table.

March 6th - Championship Table

Prizes - $250 for the winner, $50 gift card for second, $25 gift card for third place.

There will be no buy backs

Chip count will be doubled for the final table

Current Specials:

1/2 Price Apps from 9-11

$3 Kronenbourg Blanc Pints

Following this tournament, we will start another on March 20th.

Good Luck!!