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Show Time 6-9pm

Twenty or thirty years ago, a newborn baby was bathing in the Wissahickon river when a blazing comet lit up the night sky like the forth of July. It soared through the air and entered the atmosphere and finally landed in the water right next to the laughing boy child. He reached out to touch it and something that never happened before in the history of time, did... The infant began to sing. All across the forest the birds flew into the sky in a burst of feathers as the countryside rang out with; " I was booooorn by the river...." And then the ancient prophecy came true and the world saw on that day that "a change is gonna come".
Noah Hudson was working in his Funky laboratory one afternoon in the late nineties when his experiment went awry and he was bitten by a radioactive bass. Since that fateful day he realized that he could telepathically communicate with all stringed bass instruments. After a short stint as a super villain known as "Dangerzone" he realized that with funky power comes funky responsibility and formed the super team "the Whiskeyhickon Boys" under the heroic moniker of "Nudson, the Funkiest man alive". Coupled with his natural strength that comes from being the worlds tallest dwarf, he and his teammates have fought the "Dark Ones" around the globe with a force that can only be described as "the shit".
Very little is actually known about the man called Adam Pascal, according to tramps and hobos who claim to have seen him in real life, he was born in New Texas (a state of mind) in the year 42069. During the second frogborg vs chinchillabot war, Adam, the last full blooded human, was sent back in time to our current era with all of the sacred knowledge of the Funk downloaded into his brain. His mission was to use the Funk to heal the minds of mankind so that humans never create the evil amphibian flu that changes the course of evolution itself. So far this disaster has been averted partially due to his former league of extraordinary mamajammas. and his success is now assured since he has become the drummer of the fabled "Whiskeyhickon boys". If you are lucky enough to see him in person, do not look too hard at his hands while he is playing because the residual time energy he brought back from the future is known to bring on spontaneous pregnancy and ear in-funk-tions.