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Kildare's has put together a great afternoon of fun and to truly get into the spirit of Oktoberfest.

It starts with a ceremonial Wooden Keg of the Weihenstephan Festbier. This will be tapped at 4pm (ish) to kick off the celebrations. O’zapft is!

Around 5pm we will be rounding things out with the Weihenstephan Stein Hoisting Competition.

Weihenstephan Stein Hoisting Competition:

Entrants will compete to hold one (1) liter stein filled to the brim with Weihenstephan and held by a straight ninety degree (90°) arm in front of entrant, parallel to the floor with elbows locked. Once entrant’s elbow bends or spills/drops the stein, or the stein touches the bar, the entrant loses the Contest.

To enter, you just need to purchase on 1L stein of Weihenstephan for $15. You will get entry into the competition, you get to drink the beer as well as keeping the Glass Weihenstephan Stein.

1st Place - $50 Gift Card
2nd Place - $25 Gift Card
3rd Place - $10 Gift Card

Following the competition, the band Doppelgänger (who sometime moonlight as Malarkey Brothers) will be playing a 3 hours set to set the tome for the rest of the evening.

This, along with a a great traditional Oktoberfest food menu, It will be a great afternoon in the pub to celebrate this tradition. Prost!