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As a busy parent of 2 amazing boys I am always on the search for things that bring us together as a family. My husband and I are running the restaurant, going to sports practices, games, activities, school and our personal favorite doing homework with the kids and trying to squeeze in some quality time with each other. Over the years raising our children and being owners and operators of this business it has become a second home to us, in the best way possible for our children. Our loving staff has watched them grow up in the past few years, they know my kids, they love my kids, they look after my kids and they play with my kids. Then one day it came to me. Why can’t everyone enjoy this experience like Dane and I do? So I bought a ton of board games..checkers, chess, connect four, candyland, battleship, clue and so on…then we decided that most parents today are busy like we are and sometimes just DO NOT want to cook dinner. I do this for a living and some days it is the last thing I want to do when I get home. Yes indeed I am only human and sometimes you want someone else to do the work, the cleanup and the dishes. This is where we come in. We made a decision that every Tuesday night, just as the week gets started, kids eat free from 4-8pm. Think about it, the kids can be eating and stay occupied playing one of the many games we have, mom and dad can have a nice meal, maybe even be lucky enough to have an adult conversation and a drink!! This sounds like little piece of heaven to me! So we did it. We have seen some families come out and really have that stress free meal that you want to have when you go out. So let us make your meal, serve it and clean it up for you. Yes its that easy. All you need to do is order something to eat and the kids eat free! That’s it. So if you want to just have a nice night out, and an early dinner so homework, sports, showers etc get done come on out and see us. Every Tuesday! Could become a fun family tradition.