A true Irish pub is ingrained in its surrounding culture as a meeting space for people to share drinks and ideas. With a tight-knit group of regulars, a friendly wait staff and homemade offerings, Irish pubs are much more than a bar with Guinness on tap.

At Kildare’s in West Chester, we’ve brought that laid-back atmosphere from across the pond and added in the flexibility to bust out popular options like tacosciders and cocktails.

1. The Atmosphere

A lot of work goes into giving an Irish pub that casual atmosphere. From the wooden floors to the décor throughout, Irish pubs create a distinct atmosphere that lays the setting for long conversations over a few beers and a hearty meal. At Kildare’s in West Chester, we’re proud of our old-world charm and believe it’s an extraordinary complement to our modernized menu.

2. The Drinks

Just as the atmosphere of an Irish pub makes visitors feel relaxed and at home, so should the drink menu. We rotate our extensive craft beer and cider list to please connoisseurs, while old standbys like Guinness hold a permanent spot on our menu. We also boast a long list of whiskeys and crafted cocktails, from a Manhattan to a S’mores Margarita.

3. The Fresh, Homemade Food

Authentic Irish pubs make use of fresh food and simple, homemade recipes. Quality ingredients are evident in our soul-warming dishes like Colcannon Soup and the Dubliner Burger. We aim to please patrons with hearty meals that warrant a good nap.

4. The Sports

As an extension of the community, any good Irish pub goes crazy for sports. Real football, or American soccer, is a mainstay in an authentic Irish pub. Kildare’s in West Chester not only shows international games but also proudly supports our region’s own Philadelphia Union by showing every one of its games. With a strong affinity for sports, we’ve got one of the best atmospheres for catching a game.

5. The Music

A healthy Irish pub should of course pay homage to its heritage with Celtic or folk rock bands. We walk the line between Irish and American with a careful mix of new and old—something for everyone! Bands like Jamison Celtic Rock and Slainte bring a nostalgic feel to the pub, while others like Brian Fitzy and Dueling Pianos can change up the vibe.

6. The Camaraderie

The feelings of togetherness that permeate our walls are what truly makes an Irish pub. Our easygoing attitude and friendly staff welcome all to grab a drink and authentic pub grub while they soak up the Kildare’s in West Chester experience. Whether that’s a drink, a meal or a game, our Irish roots ensure it’ll be a pleasurable one. When you escape Gay Street and walk into our cozy pub, you’ll be swept up in feelings of nostalgia and good times. Pop into our comfy space—where strangers become friends and share dialogue about the happenings of the day— and alleviate the daily pressures with a few pints. Sláinte!

Kildare’s in West Chester is a destination: an authentic Irish pub that has something for everyone. We’re a place to bring the family for weekend brunch; cheer your favorite soccer (or American football) team; enjoy next-level fare at a business lunch, dinner with friends or special event; spend happy hour (questionable dance moves and all); and, of course, imbibe great beer, whiskey and other adult libations. Join us and find out why we’re not your average Irish pub.

Jay Breslin