The Irish may be known more for beer and whiskey than cocktails, but their mind-set gives way to an abundance of creative drinks. Some come in the form of a light refreshment or dark dessert. Others deliver a comforting feeling and unexpected flavors.

At Kildare’s of West Chester, we use our heritage to craft inspired cocktails—some you’d expect, and many you wouldn’t ordinarily find in a pub. Stop by and sip outside the box! Our friendly bartenders can suggest great food pairings, too.

Chai Hot Buttered Rum

Our Chai Hot Buttered Rum is composed of our homemade chai butter, Captain Morgan Spiced Rum and water to settle it down. This comforting and sweet mix is perfect for a cold, dreary day when you need a pick-me-up. A simple recipe meant to be mindfully enjoyed, this concoction is an elixir for woes.

Irish Coffee

Made with freshly brewed coffee, Irish whiskey and sugar, this treat is perfect for caffeine lovers who crave a jolt. It's kissed with Demerara simple syrup (created from raw, turbinado sugar) and topped with a thick layer of Baileys whipped cream. We always say that having a drink is more about taking the time to actually enjoy something for yourself, and this coffee is no exception.

Brandywine Bourbon Coffee

Sip on a our new soul-warming kicked-up coffee option! We dose our brew with Brandywine Branch Custom Cask Straight Bourbon and top with Demerara simple syrup and vanilla bean infused whipped cream. A must-try!

Plum & Ginger Whiskey Sour

Our unique take on a Whiskey Sour (shown at the top of this page) is made with bourbon, plum & ginger syrup and fresh lemon juice. All together, it delivers a balanced citrus, tart bite that is mellowed by the syrup. We also serve up a New York Sour, but if you’re looking for comfort, choose the plum and ginger version for its nuanced flavors.

Car Bomb/Stout Float

A Car Bomb also gets the blood flowing, being a classic mix of whiskey and stout, both preferably Irish. Fill a pint glass most of the way with the chosen stout, and grab a whiskey glass full of Irish whiskey and a small amount of Irish cream. Drop the shot glass into the pint, and gulp it down as fast as you’d like. The faster, the more fun. For a more responsible treat, try a stout float. Combine a few scoops of ice cream, some espresso and an Irish stout into a pint glass. Then cover it with whipped cream for a perfect Irish dessert cocktail. We tried this out during our beer dinner with West Chester’s own Levante Brewing Company, and the results were delicious.

Jameson & The Giant Peach

Also cleverly European in name, Jameson & The Giant Peach is a whiskey-based beverage for the outgoing. We make this with Jameson Irish Whiskey and a mix of Apple Pucker, peach schnapps, cranberry, orange juice and pineapple juice to create a blend of tart and sweet fruit flavors.

At Kildare’s of West Chester, we proudly whip up these cocktails with the aim of creating an enjoyable drink in a relaxing atmosphere. At the heart of it, that is what being an Irish pub is all about. So even if your favorite drink isn’t inspired by the Irish culture at all, pull up a chair and bask in the Irish tradition of mindfully having a drink.

Kildare’s in West Chester is a destination: an authentic Irish pub that has something for everyone. We’re a place to bring the family for weekend brunch; cheer your favorite soccer (or American football) team; enjoy next-level fare at a business lunch, dinner with friends or special event; spend happy hour (questionable dance moves and all); and, of course, imbibe great beer, whiskey and other adult libations. Join us and find out why we’re not your average Irish pub.

Jay Breslin