The Six Nations Championship is coming up fast, starting with round one on February 4. We love this sport at Kildare’s in West Chester, so you know you can count on us to have all the games on.

Our owner, Dane Gray, has loved rugby since his childhood in Australia. “I was 7 when I started playing rugby, and it was the sport you watched when you were a kid,” he said.

He also still keeps up with his hometown team, the South Sydney Rabbitohs, which won the Grand Final in 2014. “In my entire life they’ve had one good season, but I still follow ’em!” he said.

Dane’s love for rugby permeates the pub. We’ve got memorabilia sprinkled throughout the restaurant, and regularly show rugby games live. Dane is especially looking forward to the Six Nations Championship. “You’re always putting your best team on and going to beat everybody all the time,” he said. “In a similar way to hockey, rugby is one of the toughest sports I’ve ever played or watched. The athletes have to be so tough, fast and strong to play the game, it’s outrageous.”

With the Six Nations Championship bringing together the best players in the world every year, we’re especially excited for the coming month. “The Six Nations Tournament, outside of the World Cup, is the best tournament competition-wise,” he said. “It might even be better competition than the World Cup, to be honest. Out of the six teams, you’ve got at least four or five in the top 10 in the world.”

There is a high-level of competition among the six nations, England, Ireland, Scotland, France, Italy and Wales, specifically, with the other teams itching to beat England. Ireland is coming into the tournament with momentum after defeating New Zealand for the first time in history, and is looking for a win over England during the last game of the tournament on Saturday, March 18 at noon. It should be an aggressive game, and a must-watch here at Kildare’s (the day after St. Patrick’s Day, no less).

Check out the full schedule below.

Six Nations—All Games Live

Round One


9:25 a.m. Scotland vs Ireland

11:50 a.m. England vs France


10 a.m. Italy vs Wales

Round Two


9:25 a.m. Italy vs Ireland

11:50 a.m. Wales vs England


10 a.m. France vs Scotland

Round Three


9:25 a.m. Scotland vs Wales

11:50 a.m. Ireland vs France


10 a.m. England vs Italy

Round Four


3:05 p.m. Wales vs Ireland


8:30 a.m. Italy vs France

11 a.m. England vs Scotland

Round Five


7:30 a.m. Scotland vs Italy

9:45 a.m. France vs Wales

Noon Ireland vs England

Join us to cheer on your team, or to get acquainted with the game! Our crowd is made up of rugby veterans and newbies alike.

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Jay Breslin