In West Chester, we know how to get our Irish on year-round. Rather than dressing in green, we take Irish heritage to its core: being candid and hospitable. We feel our authentic decor sets the stage for an authentic getaway experience, and can alleviate the stresses of everyday life. Below, find our top ways for getting your authentic Irish on in West Chester.

1. Eat homemade Corned Beef and Cabbage

As does any fine pub in Ireland, Kildare’s of West Chester serves traditional meals, such as homemade Corned Beef and Cabbage and Shepherd’s Pie. Each item on our vast menu includes fresh, locally sourced ingredients, which are carefully prepared by our skilled kitchen staff. While we stand by our Irish classics, we also offer modern fare such as tacos and items such as turkey burgers with pickled jalapeños on special. Nothing is as soothing as eating a warm meal by our fireplace, especially when accompanied by a loved one.

kildares turkey burger.jpg

2. Enjoy the day with a drink

It might be stereotypical, but an Irish pub must be able to quench anyone’s thirst. American drinkers demand a wide variety. That is why we have 26 draft lines for beer and cider, and a carefully curated selection of wines. In true Irish tradition, we have dozens of whiskeys from around the world that uniquely represent their region. We also stir creatively crafted cocktails, which invigorate drinkers looking for something exciting.

As an American Irish pub, we love pleasing the wide variety of palates that walk through the door, which is why we stock a wide variety of options. We always encourage our guests to drink responsibly, and remember that getting a drink is just as much about having a drink as it is that 10 minutes to enjoy something for yourself.

3. Make friends with a stranger

Our bar is great for meeting new people and chatting about the day, especially during happy hour or a sporting event. If another guest doesn’t strike up conversation, odds are one of our bartenders will. Whenever you stop for a visit, you’ll have a friend at Kildare’s.

4. Attend a handcrafted beer dinner

We consider our beer dinners a gem of ours, especially when we’re able to collaborate with local breweries such as Levante BrewingVictory Brewing Company or Pizza Boy Brewing Co. Some of the pairings are out of this world, thanks to thoughtful tasting notes from the brewers, and impeccable vision from head chef Stephanie Gray. Some notable pairings occurred during our beer dinner with Levante, which included shrimp with papaya and pineapple salsa paired with Monk’s Night Out Belgian Double IPA. No matter what the pairing, the team nails the flavor matchups.

5. Cheer on your favorite soccer team

Our restaurant and bar shows a love for soccer that stems from our owner’s own passion for the game. Dane Gray has loved watching and playing since he was a kid growing up in Australia, and continues to promote the game around the pub. We have every International game you could want to watch, even when they begin as early as 8 a.m. here in the States. We also have special memorabilia around the pub, including a jersey signed by Pelé.

6. Become a regular

Becoming acquainted with other guests and our staff is almost sure to happen on your visit to Kildare’s of West Chester, and we hope that acts as an invitation to return. Similar to many Irish pubs, we love to see familiar faces, and please those familiar faces with fine cuisine and drink. Stop by for a drink or a meal, and let us show you why we’re your spot for every occasion from a solo drink to a family meal.

We hope to see you soon!

Kildare’s in West Chester is a destination: an authentic Irish pub that has something for everyone. We’re a place to bring the family for weekend brunch; cheer your favorite soccer (or American football) team; enjoy next-level fare at a business lunch, dinner with friends or special event; spend happy hour (questionable dance moves and all); and, of course, imbibe great beer, whiskey and other adult libations. Join us and find out why we’re not your average Irish pub.

Jay Breslin