When you’re coming to the pub for nothing but a drink, there is perhaps no better choice than a fine whiskey. The shelves at Kildare’s in West Chester are stocked with the range of whiskeys needed to heal any malady of the mind.

As Fortune points out, whiskey is becoming a stronghold in the American spirits industry, and is outpacing other spirits in growth. The trend also points toward premium whiskies, which are meant to be enjoyed straight up, not in a cocktail. It is an exciting time to witness distilleries popping up here in the States and worldwide—even in surprising places like Japan boasting a world-class whiskey, Hibiki. Here’s our rundown on what you need to know about whiskey.

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As the craft beverage movement continues to explode worldwide, more great whiskeys are popping up from around the world and in our own backyard in Pottstown. To reflect that range of availability, we stock our shelves with everything from the go-to choice of Jameson, to Yamazaki 12 Year, or Manatawny Still Works’ Small Batch.


While all whiskey is made using similar methods, the ingredients, barrels and locations involved in the process can have drastic effects on the beverage’s flavor. Irish whiskeys, such as Knappogue, are traditionally light-bodied and sweet, whereas Scotch, such as Glenlivet, typically presents a strong, smoky peat flavor. Our selection not only makes note of the range of styles, but aims to help us and our customers gain an understanding through a collection of similar styles. For example, delving into the Knappogue 14 and 16 Year, or the Glenlivet 12 and 18 Year, can lead to a further understanding of how aging in barrels changes flavor.


Most good whiskeys were intended to be drunk neat. However, some can pack a strong bite that is lessened with the addition of ice or water. We prefer whiskey served neat, but if the occasion arises, we may add an ice cube or a drip of water to help bring out the flavors of the whiskey over the burn. Like any good beverage, be sure to take a few sniffs, sip gently and roll the liquid around your mouth to pick out the different flavors.


As previously mentioned, there are a growing number of whiskeys available in our own backyard. We proudly serve Pennsylvania whiskeys from distillers such as Dad’s Hat, Manatawny and Wigle. We always say that a good Irish pub reflects its community, and we look forward to seeing our local selection continue to grow in selection and quality.

We’re always up for a chat, and to help you decide which whiskey might suit your taste buds. Stop on by for a visit and we’ll gladly find you one that relaxes your mind and pleases your senses.

Kildare’s in West Chester is a destination: an authentic Irish pub that has something for everyone. We’re a place to bring the family for weekend brunch; cheer your favorite soccer (or American football) team; enjoy next-level fare at a business lunch, dinner with friends or special event; spend happy hour (questionable dance moves and all); and, of course, imbibe great beer, whiskey and other adult libations. Join us and find out why we’re not your average Irish pub.

Jay Breslin