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The 2019 Rugby World Cup is set in Japan this time around which does not lend itself to a good live viewing schedule. Below is a list of scheduled replays for most matches of the tournament. For these matches, the replay will be shown in the pub on TV’s and with full surround sound. As we do have access to all of the matches on demand, if you wanted to set up a viewing party for your group, team or club, please contact Dane to help you set it up.

Rugby World Cup Replay Schedule:

Friday Sept 20th:
12noon: Japan vs Russia

Saturday Sept 21st:
2.30pm: Australia vs Fiji
4.30pm: France vs Argentina
6.30pm: New Zealand vs South Africa

Sunday Sept 22nd:
4.30pm: Ireland vs Scotland
6.30pm: England vs Tonga

Monday Sept 23rd:
12noon: Wales vs Georgia

Tuesday Sept 24th:
12noon: Russia vs Samoa

Wednesday Sept 25th:
12noon: Fiji vs Uruguay

Thursday Sept 26th:
12noon and 5pm: England vs USA

Saturday Sept 28th:
2.30pm: Japan vs Ireland
4.30pm: South Africa vs Namibia

Sunday Sept 29th:
10am: Australia vs Wales

Monday Sept 30th:
12noon: Scotland vs Samoa

Wednesday Oct 2nd:
12noon and 5pm: USA vs France

2pm and 7pm: New Zealand vs Canada

Thursday Oct 3rd:
12noon and 5pm: Ireland vs Russia

Friday October 4th:
12noon: South Africa vs Italy

Saturday October 5th:
2.30pm: Australia vs Uruguay
4.30pm: England vs Argentina

Sunday October 6th:
4.30pm: New Zealand vs Namibia
6.30pm: France vs Tonga

Tuesday October 8th:
12noon: South Africa vs Canada

Wednesday October 9th:
12noon and 6pm: USA vs Argentina
2pm: Scotland vs Russia
4pm: Wales vs Fiji

Friday October 11th:
12noon: Australia vs Georgia

Saturday October 12th:
1.30pm: New Zealand vs Italy
3.30pm: England vs France
5.30pm: Ireland vs Samoa

Sunday October 13th:
11am: USA vs Tonga
4.30pm: Wales vs Uruguay
6.30pm: Japan vs Scotland

Saturday Oct 19th:
2pm: Finals
4pm: Finals

Sunday Oct 20th:
2pm: Quarterfinals
4pm: Quarterfinals

Saturday Oct 26th:
3pm: Semifinals

Sunday Oct 26th:
5pm: Semifinals

Friday Nov 1st:
12noon: 3rd place Match

Saturday Nov 2nd:
2pm: Rugby World Cup Final